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Can I have my windows cleaned every 3 weeks?
Yes, We always aim to cater for each individual needs. When we visit you to provide the quotation, you can specify how often you want us to visit.

How do I pay?
Once the operator has finished your clean, he will place an invoice through your door. Simply check the amount visit our website and pay via Paypal, post a cheque or we can collect at the door. (If sending cheques in the post please write your address on the back of the cheque)

Will you clean my windows in the rain?
Yes, If only light rain or drizzle then we will continue to clean your windows as normal.

Why do you do a risk assessment when supplying a quote?
As we take Health and Safety seriously, we need to eliminate any risk for our operators so we always do a risk assessment to ensure they can work safely. It also allows us to evaluate which equipment to be used.

Can you provide me a free no obligation quotation over the phone?
It's difficult to provide correct quotations without seeing the property. We need to risk assess first to ensure all windows can be cleaned as each property can vary.

How will I know when to leave my gate open?
We will inform you when your first clean is scheduled in for and after each clean.

Do you clean during the winter?
Yes, our service is all year round with the exception of any adverse weather conditions.

Do you conform to Health & Safety Laws
Yes are staff are fully trained in H&E